Miguel Uribe Flores


Miguel, is a lawyer graduated from UNAM in 1971, who has dedicated his entire life to labor consulting for companies. Throughout his professional life, he has founded several law firms in the labor law specialty and is currently a partner and leader of the labor area of the firm Macdonel, Uribe, Cuesta, Llaca and Esquivel Abogados. 

He has litigated more than 50 years to date and has intervened or been responsible for more than 150,000 individual and collective labor lawsuits. He has been a lawyer for countless companies, organizations and institutions, from the private and public sectors, among which are the Public Education Ministry, Health Ministry and CONADE. 

Due to his correct perception of the nature of the labor trials in Mexico, he deduced, since 1980, the need to create an evidentiary protocol, with which companies can protect themselves from the enormous vulnerability generated by Mexican labor legislation, motivated by the burden of proof in the judicial proceedings in this area, which implies enormous economic losses to the employer sector; obtaining with it, a legal shield that has motivated the recognition of the clients. 


For his experience in labor litigation, which directly affects the administration of human resources in companies, he has acquired an enormous knowledge of this proceedings, which has motivated that in the last 20 years of his professional life, he is increasingly required as an advisor in such matter. 

He has advised companies on labor relations, in which it is essential to generate strategic planning, to successfully face the inertia of the unions to obtain advantages in favor of themselves and the workers, generally damaging with it, productivity, efficiency and quality, in the labor processes of the companies. 


Spanish and English

  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

  • Speaker in the round tables of labor law for COPARMEX.
  • Member of the Mexican Academy of Labor Law. 
  • COPARMEX advisor.
  • Advisor to the Association of Industrialists of the State of Mexico.
  • CONCAMIN advisor. 
  • Speaker in seminars and courses on labor reforms since 1980 and until the most recent of 2019.

  • Among his most outstanding works, are structural changes in collective labor relations in sectors such as seaports, the sugar industry, the rubber industry, the transport industry, the film industry (in its production, distribution and exhibition segments), television and of entertainment, in which he has managed to defeat extortionist and anachronistic unionism.

  • As for his contributions in the administration of human resources, since 1980 he designed the first work contracts with hourly pay, distance work (home office), monthly salary payments, reduced hours, discontinuous work, and implemented the homologation of technological innovations in the administration of human resources, to provide them with evidentiary efficiency in court, when neither the jurisprudence nor the Mexican labor and social security legislation had contemplated these concepts.

    His work philosophy is to generate all the legal supports in the administration of human resources, to prevent the risks of labor conflicts, for which it has created collective and individual contracts and labor documents with all the concepts of innovation, which generally represent savings to the companies.