Alejandro Higgins Guerra


A law graduate, Alejandro Higgins is a highly qualified professional to offer legal solutions to the most complex matters in the areas of Civil, Commercial and Family Law, focused on advising on the successful recovery of balances owed in favor of his clients through preventive asset and property freezing strategies.

He is committed to providing practical and timely responses based on a thorough analysis of the law and a specialized understanding of his clients’ interests.

Likewise, Alejandro has been characterized by keeping himself updated with changes in the laws and regulations of the sector, in order to be highly competent to the demands of the legal forum and guarantee successful results.


Higgins, has specialized in the areas of Civil, Commercial and Family Law, serving clients from various industries.


Spanish and English

  • Bachelor’s Law Degree at Universidad La Salle.
  • Postgraduate on Financial Law by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
  • Course in “Prescripción Positiva (Usucapión)”, with certificate from Centro Universitario de Estudios Jurídicos.
  • Course on “Workshop on the Preparation of Amparo Lawsuits”, with a certificate from the Centro Universitario de Estudios Jurídicos.
  • Regulations for Superior Auditing with a focus on International Standards, conducted by the Superior Audit Office of the Federation.