Eliser García Macdonel



Eliser García Macdonel is a specialist in criminal, civil and commercial litigation with 20 years of experience. He has been an advisor to leading national and foreign companies. He has been an advisor to leading national and foreign companies. He has been a recognized expert in the media and in crisis management, and has sponsored some of the most mediatic cases in our country.  

Mr. García Macdonel has advised several factors in the Insurance and Surety sector in Mexico, including one of the largest insurance companies in the world, which makes him a true specialist in Insurance and Surety matters.


Being a multidisciplinary litigator allows him to create comprehensive strategies in which the criminal and civil litigation teams of our firm interact, which has resulted in being able to resolve some of the most complex litigation cases of the last 10 years for the benefit of our clients.


Spanish and English

  • Law degree from Universidad ISEC.
  • Master’s Degree in Law from the same institution.
  • Specialization in Criminal Law from Escuela Libre de Derecho.

  • Taught Economic Theory and Political Science at ISEC University.
  • Taught Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law in the Police Function, within the Basic Initial Training Course for Federal Police Applicants with Investigator Profile at Universidad Anáhuac, Campus Norte.

  • The litigation area headed by Mr. García Macdonel, has provided his services to several factors in the Insurance and Bonding sector, among which stands out one of the largest insurance companies in the world, which he has sponsored in more than 500 commercial trials nationwide, as well as has sponsored more than 100 processes in criminal matters in various states of the republic, which makes him one of the most recognized lawyers in the Insurance and Bonding sector.
  • One of the most significant matters that our litigation partner has resolved was that of a multi-insured who, shortly after taking out life insurance policies with eight insurance companies, died abruptly. The investigation conducted by our criminal litigation team led to the conclusion that this was a fraud to the detriment of the insurance companies. Due to the intervention of Mr. Garcia Macdonel, our client was able to avoid being charged a large amount of money for the sum insured. Due to the success of the investigation, the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) organized a meeting for our litigation partner to present the case, which helped more companies to avoid the payment of a claim that was unjustified.
  • Mr. Garcia Macdonel advised another of the largest insurance companies in the world in a matter arising from the use of a false document for the improper collection of a Life Insurance that had a sum insured of more than USD$5,000,000 (five million U.S. dollars). Within the documentation with which the beneficiary accompanied the claim, an altered death certificate was found. Based on the foregoing, Mr. García Macdonel filed a criminal complaint through which he not only obtained the suspension of the commercial lawsuit through which they intended to collect the insured amount, but also obtained that a Criminal Judge issued and executed an arrest warrant against the beneficiary who attempted to defraud the insurance company. This was part of an integral strategy in which the litigation areas in which Eliser specializes were combined.
  • Our litigation partner advised a German auto parts company based in Tlaxcala, due to the fact that employees of the company, particularly in the accounting area, carried out several unjustified transfers to their payroll accounts. After the complaint was filed, a judge issued an arrest warrant against both employees, concluding the process with a conviction by which the company was repaired.